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3 Emergency Vehicles That Need Decontamination

Emergency Vehicles

If, at any point, a vehicle becomes contaminated by biohazard material, it should be decontaminated by professionals. Failure to do so can result in the spread of viruses and disease. 

Usually, most cars will not need this type of clean-up service, but some specialized emergency vehicles routinely encounter biological agents that can pose a serious threat to health. Below is a list of some of the vehicles we typically encounter as an emergency vehicle decontamination company in Georgia

1. Law Enforcement Vehicles

Law enforcement vehicles tend to encounter all manner of situations and individuals. Such individuals can often be of a violent disposition and when physical conflict takes place, blood and other bodily fluids will sometimes find their way to the scene. All you need is a small sample for a pathogen or a virus in someone’s blood to infect other people. 

Not all traces of biomaterial are going to jump out at you as a puddle of blood. All it takes is someone to get a scrape from tugging at their handcuffs to leave dangerous material behind that can potentially harm many other people. Law enforcement agents already risk their lives enough, which is why we make it our job is to eliminate the risk posed by contamination in their vehicles.

2. Fire Trucks

Fire trucks are not only used to fight fires. Firefighters are also called to the scene of an accident as first responders. 

When encountering people who have just been in a car crash where blood and other bodily fluids are contaminating the scene, firefighters are likely to meet these fluids and, as such, contaminate their vehicles as well. They may decide to use the firetruck as an ambulance, further contaminating the vehicle. 

When such a scenario occurs, a simple spray and a wipedown is not enough. Emergency vehicle decontamination in Georgia will be required to ensure the vehicle is once again safe to use.

3. Ambulances And Paramedic Vehicles

As everyone knows, paramedics are usually the first people they call into an accident. Whenever there is a victim of a violent crime, and an ill person cannot make it to the hospital by themselves, they call the paramedics. It follows that the vehicle they use is constantly under threat from all manner of biological agents including body fluids and human tissue that has been exposed to the elements.

A contaminated vehicle is a dangerous vehicle. You’ll have potentially lethal pathogens or viruses like COVID-19 coming into the vehicle while people with weakened health are being transported in that space. 

If the vehicle operators do not properly disinfect and decontaminate the ambulance to rid it of any biohazards, they will end up doing more harm than good. Thankfully, there are expert services that offer emergency vehicle decontamination in Georgia.

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