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5 Signs It’s Time to Call a Savannah Hoarding Cleanup Company

Savannah Hoarding Cleanup Company

Often, hoarders have difficulty realizing that there is a problem with their behavior. The accumulation of things beyond the storage capacity of the place where they live can only cause problems. It is not uncommon for a family member or a close friend to be the one that rings the alarm. But if you’re not entirely sure if someone you know is a hoarder or not, here are some of the signs that it is time to call a Savannah hoarding cleanup company.

1. Becoming Blind to Clutter

When clutter begins to become a problem, the hoarder often considers it normal even if the entire house is full of items. If the clutter is bad to the point where it’s difficult to move from room to room, a Savannah hoarding cleanup company may be needed. 

When your family or your closest friends begin to tell you that you are hoarding, you should seek help.

2. Compulsive Buying

Warning signs that indicate hoarding involve:

  • If a loved one is often buying things that go unused
  • They receive packages that are unopened for a long time
  • They have a very difficult time letting go of these things even if they have no practical use for them

If you find that possessions become a burden rather than a pleasure and that the behavior towards objects is compulsive or even obsessive, it is time to step back and get rid of the clutter.

3. Fire Safety Becomes an Issue

When vents become blocked by clutter, or there are things near heating appliances because there is no other place to be used, you know a fire hazard and tragedy are waiting to happen. 

Fires in homes with a hoarding problem are generally much worse than normal as there is much fuel for the fire, plus it is packed together. When exits and entrances are partially or fully blocked by books, heaps of clothes, or just random clutter, it is paramount to call a hoarding cleanup company.

4. Household Activities Become Impossible

When the clutter has reached a point where basic home activities become impacted such as cooking, cleaning, and sleeping, it is time to call a professional to help declutter the space. 

Often hoarders will reach a point where their possessions take over their bed or get stacked on the stovetop. Any surface becomes a shelf and most normal activities around the house become impossible to do or at least very uncomfortable. 

If your life or that of a loved one is being impacted by clutter, pick up the phone and call a Savannah hoarding cleanup company today.

5. Health is Becoming Affected

The buildup of garbage, rodent and insect feces, and mold is commonplace in hoarding situations. These can wreak havoc with one’s health, especially the respiratory and cardiac systems. Accidents are more likely to happen, falls or the toppling of clutter can also cause a health hazard, not to mention that it is usually very difficult for a first responder to reach anyone inside the affected area due to blockages.

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