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Decomp/Odor Abatement

Decomp/Odor Abatement

On the morning of 15 February, 2018, Bio-One Savannah received a call from a patrol Sergeant with Garden City Police Department, who our sales representatives had recently contacted with information about our services. The patrol Sergeant told us that he would be passing our information on to a local business who would most likely contact us soon after. The following morning, Bio-One Savannah received a call from a local Motel regarding a death that had occurred in one of their long-term rented rooms. 90 minutes later, Bio-One Savannah was on scene with all of our equipment and chemicals.

Upon arrival, the owner of the motel explained to us that the tenant was a Marine veteran who had fallen in his room, sustaining a significant wound to the head, bleeding profusely as he moved about the room, and then eventually he collapsed and perished on the floor. As a veteran owned and operated franchise, this situation hit home very strongly for Bio-One Savannah, as do all other veteran deaths. Unfortunately, since he was a quiet man who kept to hself and had no local family, so he was not found for 8 or 9 days after death, according to the coroner’s estimation. During this prolonged period, the situation changed from a biohazard cleanup to also requiring odor remediation.

Bio-One Savannah’s techs immediately suited up in full PPE and got to work, remediating all surfaces contacted by any potential biohazard, removing a contaminated mattress, parts of the baseboard along the wall that had been contaminated, and several towels and clothing articles that had clearly been used as bandages as the tenant tried to tend to his wound. Bio-One Savannah also had the unfortunate duty of properly disposing of various clothing and porous items that had absorbed the smell and would therefore be both unsafe and emotionally difficult for the departed’s family to take possession of. Before disposing of any personal items, Bio-One Savannah made sure to sort through them to find anything of apparent sentimental or real value and doing everything possible to salvage those items so that the family may have them, including some of the tenants Marine Corps uniforms. Sadly, some items were simply beyond salvaging and had to be properly disposed of as biohazards.

Once all contaminated surfaces had been treated with Bio-One’s proprietary multi-step chemical process, Bio-One Savannah proceeded to treat all porous materials in the room that could have absorbed any odor with our enzymatic cleaning agent and acid wash, which included the entire drop ceiling, all carpets, and the curtains. Once all porous surfaces had been treated with those two chemicals, Bio-One Savannah proceeded to use an anti-odor fogging machine to ensure successful odor abatement. Once finished with the fogging process, to be even more certain that the odor would not return in the future, Bio-One Savannah sealed off all vents and possible air passages to other rooms, set up our industrial ozone machine, and allowed it to run overnight.

Upon returning the following morning, Bio-One Savannah found that our procedures and methods learned during BOTS certification had worked spectacularly, and the odor was no longer present. The owner of the motel was ecstatic with the outcome and very happy to have our information for his future needs, stating that two years prior he had been charged over twice our price for a less extreme situation by another cleaning company, and the odor still lingered for months afterwards. Bio-One Savannah’s techs left the scene with pride knowing that the family of the fallen veteran would never know of or be able to detect the scene or odor that we had cleaned up, as well as with the knowledge that we were able to help a local small business in need who had been taken advantage of in the past. People first, business second.

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