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How Do Crime Scene Cleanup Companies in Georgia Work?

Crime Scene Cleanup Companies

If you ever wondered how crime scene cleanup companies work, read about the requirements they all share and the things they have in common. Crime scene cleanup Georgia service providers have a series of requirements imposed by the state. Below is a list of these requirements and regulations.

Requirements Regarding Vehicles Used

When using a vehicle for crime cleanup, experts must always follow these requirements:

  • Must always carry a copy of the license in the vehicle.
  • The cargo area must be enclosed and leak-free. It must also be easily disinfectd.
  • Permit number, address, phone number, DOT number, and biohazard symbol must be visible on each of the vehicle’s four sides.
  • Any biohazard material to be delivered to the transfer station or disposal station in under 72 hours
  • Must not transfer any biohazardous material from one vehicle to another unless there is an emergency and the original vehicle breaks down.

Requirements Regarding Manifest

In regards to manifest, the following requirements must be followed:

  • Permit number, address, phone number and generator name.
  • Name of facility and transporter as well as address, phone number and permit number.
  • Quantity and type of waste to be disposed of.

Requirements Regarding Storage

There must always be a separate area for storage when dealing with a biohazard. This area must be marked with a biohazard symbol as well as a sign that reads: “No unauthorized personnel.” Said storage must not exceed 30 days and must be at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

About The Requirements

All crime scene cleanup services in Savannah have to operate by these rules. Beyond operating by these rules, they work by ensuring their employees are using the best protective gear possible to preserve their health and that of their clients. 

They work by taking the crime scene, erasing every bit of biohazardous material, and decontaminating the entire area. Crime scene cleanup services work by making areas safe again and helping the homeowner or property manager move on. 

As not all companies have the same level of professionalism and care, we recommend researching any possible cleanup service and ensuring they have an excellent reputation.

Bio-One of Savannah

Bio-One of Savannah has proven expertise, client approval, and years of experience providing top-notch and lightning-fast crime scene cleanup Savannah services. We will restore the area to the way it was before the crime or incident took place. 

Our services include: 

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