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Mold Removal Savannah: 4 Signs You Have Black Mold

Mold Removal Savannah

Mold is a dangerous health hazard that might be growing in your home or place of work without you realizing it. Among the more toxic types is black mold. 

A whole range of health issues can arise from mold and by knowing the signs, you can keep you and your occupants safe. 

If you want to be sure whether you have Black mold growing in your home, the only sure way to know is to call a Mold Removal Savannah Company, like Bio-One of Savannah, to check properly hard-to-reach areas where mold commonly grows. These areas include crawlspaces and basements. Kitchens and bathrooms are often susceptible as well. But in order to know for sure that you have black mold, be aware of these three signs:

1. The Nose Knows

You keep running into a strong, musty smell. This odor usually means there are spores in the air and what you are smelling could be the mold reproducing or breaking down biomatter. 

When you smell such an aroma, the next step should be to look around for the mold. If you cannot see the mold right away, it may be hiding under wallpaper or in the walls.  Sometimes people will get used to the smell and no longer realize it is there, so make sure you have a friend come over and see if they smell it too.

2. Seeing Mold or Even Water Damage

You may not see the mold growing on the ceiling but instead see minimal water damage. This water may be leading to growth on the other side of that ceiling since mold needs moisture to grow.  If you see mold growing on any surface, you should contact a mold removal Savannah company. The first places to look should be where there is water. Such places will include bathrooms, kitchens, and even air conditioning vents. 

Just about any place where water condenses will need to be assessed.

3. Unexplained Health Issues

If you develop respiratory problems that you cannot explain and/or are experiencing an irritated nose or eyes, it could possibly be because of mold. 

Generally, if your health is affected and you suspect it may be due to mold, you should contact a mold removal Savannah expert. They’re not just trained to remove mold, but also spot it as well.

4. Mental Health Problems

Believe it or not, black mold has been reported to affect not only the physical but also the mental processes. 

Some people experience fatigue, memory problems, anxiety, and even problems with concentration. If you have any suspicion that black mold is growing in your home or place of work, do not risk your mental health. Contact a mold removal Savannah specialist today.

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