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What Does a Crime Scene Cleanup Company Do?

Crime Scene Cleanup Company

A cleanup company takes a crime scene and cleans it to how it was before the crime took place. Doing this entails many different tedious methods such as deodorizing and disinfecting. 

Different crimes require different approaches. For example, in a violent crime, where someone has died at the scene, a crime scene cleanup company must disinfect and disinfect the area. In an area where teargas has been used, the type of threat is different and the chemicals and tools used are different.

There are, of course, quite a few other things that a crime scene cleanup company in Georgia must handle.

Biological Agents

When the police and the first responders have finished their job and the coroner leaves, the scene left behind will often contain biological remains such as blood and other bodily fluids. These biological agents can contain many pathogens and life-threatening hazards that a cleanup company will remove quickly and safely.

These signs of a crime are not only a physical hazard but an emotional and psychological danger as well. They pose a threat by serving as a constant reminder of the crimes that took place there. 

Whether the crime committed occurs in a home or an office, people are exposed to its effects. A crime scene cleanup company removes these dangers and makes it easier for those involved to move on.

Chemical Agents

In an event where tear gas is used, a crime scene cleanup company in Georgia. like Bio-One Savannah, is paramount. 

The chemicals from tear gas do not dissipate and fly away after the incident. Instead, they remain in the area until they are properly disposed of by a professional. 

Tear gas chemicals can cause a host of health problems ranging from respiratory to skin to even severe allergic reactions. Without its removal, the chemical agents would continue to expose people to this biohazard.

Other Services Crime Scene Cleanup Companies Provide

Companies like Bio-One Savannah also provide services for:

Medical Waste Disposal

Wherever dangerous medical waste materials are involved, it’s always best to hire a crime scene cleanup company Georgia expert. 

Biohazard Removal Caused by Bodily Waste

When a decomposing body is discovered, the environment around it may become very hazardous. This is another time when crime scene cleanup companies are indispensable.

Homeless Encampment And Hoarder Situation Cleanup

Homeless encampments and properties influenced by hoarders are often susceptible to a myriad of dangerous pathogens and other related factors. Some of these venues leave behind very stubborn odors that only a crime scene cleanup company will successfully eradicate.

Sewage Backup Cleanups

While they’re not really known to do such, crime scene cleanup companies will offer sewage backup cleanups. Sewage backup can cause foul odors and be harmful to be around.

Mold Removal

Mold can cause a host of respiratory ailments if not treated and remedied correctly. 

Emergency Vehicle Cleanup

Emergency vehicles will often become contaminated after transporting victims of a crime or accident. Which is why some crime scene cleanup companies will also assist in cleaning emergency vehicles.

The Right Tools

The thing that makes Bio-one Savannah so successful at crime scene cleanups is the level of training, the certifications, and the use of industrial cleaners and protective equipment. But other than that, our success also derives from our commitment to helping clients. 

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