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What is Defined as a Biohazard?

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A Biohazard is any biological agent or waste that can become a threat to humans, animals, or the environment. These can come in many shapes and sizes. A virus, for example, is considered a Biohazard, but then so is blood, or urine or any bodily fluids that may carry a contaminant or a pathogen that could undermine someone’s health. But no matter what biohazard is present, you should always hire a biohazard cleanup Savannah expert.

The Different Classifications of Biohazards

To gain a better understanding of what biohazards are and what they can do to individuals, it’s important you understand their classifications.

Category A UN 2814

These are substances that can be infectious and affect humans by causing permanent disability or even life-threatening effects.

Category A UN 2900

These substances can be infectious and affect animals but cannot cause permanent disability or life-threatening effects to human beings.

Category B UN 3373

These are biological substances that are being transported to be investigated or diagnosed.

Regulated Medical Waste UN 3291

Waste derived from an animal(s) and human(s), or material derived from medical treatment of the same.

Biohazard Levels

There are also different levels of biohazard, ranging from biohazard level 1 to biohazard level 4. Each increasing level encompasses more dangerous elements than the ones below it. Some examples of these include the following:

Biohazard Level 1

Bacteria and viruses present a minimum risk where facial and glove protection is required, but nothing more.

Biohazard Level 2

Bacteria and viruses can cause mild disease in human beings. Examples of this include the flu.

Biohazard Level 3

At this level, we include bacteria and viruses that can cause severe disease or even fatal outcomes to humans.

Biohazard Level 4

In the last level, we have the most dangerous elements, those that have no cure and vaccines are not available. 

Crimes and Biohazards

Most violent crimes will leave behind some form of biohazard. It can be in the form of tissue or blood, the remnants of a corpse, and a host of other things that only trained biohazard cleanup Savannah experts should assess. 

Dealing with biohazard materials can be very dangerous. A do-it-yourself approach is not recommended as it could undermine your health and that of the people living or working in the affected area. Biohazard cleanup Savannah procedures should always be performed by professionals with the appropriate certifications, training, and experience.

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